The most mysterious member of In Achord is undoubtedly Gavin Belok (this is not a drill, kid’s actually a mystery). Gavin is a sophomore studying Human Physiology who enjoys swimming and chillin’ in bathtubs in his spare time. When asked what he loves most about In Achord, Gavin told us “Music is pretty cool. So is singing.” The man has a way with words. Check out more fun facts about Gavin below!

Name: Gavin Belok

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT

Major/School: Human Physiology/SAR

Year: 2017/Sophomore

Voice Part: Bass

Other interests: Swimmin’. Bathtubs.

What you love most about In Achord: Music is pretty cool, so is singing. In Achord is what you get.

Spirit Animal: Golf Ball

Guilty Pleasure Song: My Immortal by Evanescence

If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be and why: I would be a skillet because bacon.


"I'm not from that part of Jersey"

Nikki has been a part of In Achord for the past 2 years. As a rising junior, this will be Nikki’s 2nd semester serving as In Achord’s secretary. When not practicing, Nikki enjoys waltzing down the streets of Boston singing some of her favorite retired songs with the rest of her In Achordian clan. When not at practice or class, you can probably find Nikki hanging out in Stuvi with fellow In Achordians…or at Canes with them! As one of the sassier members of the group, Nikki is never afraid to tell it how it is. If you ever want to know the truth, go to Nikki. She is also someone that will do just about anything for the group, including giving wake up calls for early morning gigs! Nikki is 1000% dedicated to this group, and cannot wait to see the many accomplishments to come in the future.

Name: Nikki Bray

Hometown: Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Major/School: Elementary & Special Education / SED

Year: 2016/Junior

Voice Part: Alto

Other interests: SED Transitional mentor program, Alpha Phi, works at the Fit Rec Pro Shop

What you love most about In Achord: This group is my family at BU. There’s no one else I’d rather spend time with in AND outside of practice with!

Guilty Pleasure Song: “Rather be”, duh.

Dessert: Cookies and cream ice cream aka me


THE Ali Edwards

Introducing…the wonderful Ali Edwards! We met Ali last year when she was just a little freshman, and after hearing her beautiful alto singing voice, we knew she was an In Achordian. Ali is a fan of all things ranging from The Office to cheese to Jesse McCartney. Want to find out even more about this awesome girl? Of course you do! Read below for some more Ali-fun-facts!

Name: Ali Edwards

Hometown: Setauket, NY

Major/School: Communications/COM

Year: 2017/Sophomore

Voice Part: Alto

Other interests: Involved with Stage Troupe and also stays active in human rights issues

Weirdest dream: My most vivid dream was that I was a witch and I could do anything I wanted with the tip of my finger. If I pointed at the door it would open or if I tapped my lips I could change their color.

Favorite Holiday: My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, because of food. Also Passover. Because food.

Dream trip: I NEED to go to India.


Professor X

Professor X here! If you’ve ever seen Lauren at the GSU, she was probably searching through the sushi/sandwich section. She is EASILY one of the healthiest eaters in In Achord, as she is the only vegan in the group! Lauren not only sheds some light on the group in terms of healthy eating, but she also helps with healthy singing! She always informs the group about the latest breathing and warm-up exercises, ensuring that we are doing what we do best, in the best way possible. Now, Lauren may be into eating healthily and singing in safe ways, but she also has a wild side – what she loves most about In Achord is the impromptu street singing that occurs oh so often, but, then again, who doesn’t love impromptu street singing?! Below are more fascinating facts about Miss Extrom…enjoy!

Name: Lauren Extrom

Hometown: Lake Zurich, IL

Major/School: American Studies and Music / CAS

Year: 2016/ Junior

Voice Part: Soprano

Other interests: Member of the BU Arts Initiative Student Advisory Board, ESL tutor for the Intergenerational Literacy Program at a public school in Chelsea, MA, play the piano and take voice lessons, play tennis

Spirit Animal: Bichon apricot poodle…I am literally related to my dog

Where you’d most likely be found if someone were looking for you: They would probably never find me because I’m always on the go!

Guilty Pleasure Song: “He’s a Tramp” from The Lady and the Tramp


Amir is Beyonce

Meet our beloved tenor, Amir Feinberg!  Amir is a junior studying International Relations and he’s also basically Beyonce (equally fierce, majestic, supermegawesomefoxyhot, etc). When he’s not belting face with In Achord, Amir is involved with BU On Broadway and LGBTQ+ activism. Other interests include re-watching old Disney classics, drinking Starbucks, having too many feelings for Orange is the New Black, and eating his way through Boston. Not enough Amir information? Fear not, we have more for ya:
Hometown: Belmont, NC
Major/School: International Relations/CAS

Year: 2016/Junior

Voice Part: Tenor

Other interests: BU On Broadway, Starbucks barista, LGBTQ+activism, being Beyonce

Spirit Animal: Mindy Kaling

If you were a dessert, what would you be and why: baklava because I’m nutty and sweet. And Middle Eastern.

If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be and why: Coffee pot/espresso machine because I have caffeine running through my veins at least 90% of the time.


Favid Drankenfield

(frankenfield blurb)

Year: 2015/senior

Voice Part: Tenor

Other interests:

Spirit Animal:



Holly is da best

Meet the coolest woman on earth, Holly Hayes! Holly is a junior studying Marketing with a killer voice and the prettiest smile in da world. When she’s not with In Achord, Holly is super involved with her business frat (you go strong independent business woman!!), and she also enjoys reading and having dance parties by herself. Not enough quirky Holly facts? Check out some more below:

Hometown: Marblehead, MA

Major/School: Marketing/SMG

Year: 2016/Junior

Voice Part: Alto/Sop 2

Other interests: DSP, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Her Campus intern

Spirit Animal: Definitely a pug because they are adorable and they sound like they are always snoring when they breathe, what else could you want in life?

Favorite Holiday: Definitely Christmas, I have a killer ugly sweater collection that I wear in public.

If you were a dessert, what would you be and why: I would be a churro because everyone loves churros, like let’s be real you would be significantly happier if someone gave you a churro right now.


Kaye is a mermaid

The first time we met Kaye at In Achord auditions, she told us that she was, in fact, a mermaid. We couldn’t tell if she was joking or not, so we were under the impression that this oddball beautiful blonde girl seriously thought she was a real mermaid. Thankfully, we were able to move past that (even though we’re pretty sure she still believes she’s a mermaid), and now Kaye has not only knocked us off our feet with her amazing voice, she is also In Achord’s new President! Kaye has come such a long way and we cannot wait to see what her presidential mermaid magic will do for this group!

Name: Amanda Kaye Hutchinson

Hometown: Westborough, MA

Major/School: Sociology/CAS

Year: 2015/Senior

Voice Part: Soprano

Other interests: Waitress at Sunset Cantina

What you love most about In Achord: I love that I have a sort of safe haven with In Achord; all of the stress from school and life goes away when I’m spending time with my In Achord family.

Guilty Pleasure Song: Lemonade by Danity Kane

Spirit Animal: Mermaid, duh

If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be and why: Can I say mermaid? If not, I guess a toaster.



Time to introduce our favorite Peruvian in the universe, Rodrigo Mendoza-Lee! Rodrigo is a junior studying Modern Foreign Language Education (Spanish) with a crazy obsession for raspberry danishes and chicken (seriously, he can hold actual conversations about chicken). In Achord loves him enough to forgive him every time he’s hangry. When he’s not pretending that he’s qualified to choreograph elaborate dance numbers, Rodrigo can be found doing theatre with BU On Broadway and event-planning with Student Activities. Want to know more about Rodrigo? Check some fun facts below:

Name: Rodrigo Mendoza-Lee

Hometown: Lima, Peru

Major/School: Modern Foreign Language Education (Spanish)/ SED

Year: 2016/ Junior

Voice Part: Tenor

Other interests: BU On Broadway, SAO, tutors Spanish

Spirit Animal: Britney Spears when she could dance
If you were a dessert, what would you be and why: Raspberry Danish because read my bio.
If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be and why: I would be a coffeemaker because coffee makes people happy in the morning (Idk, I tried).


Emma <3 Cheesecake

Say hello to In Achord’s super savvy Social Media Director, Emma Reese! Emma is a senior (#wut) studying Public Relations in the College of Communication. Outside of In Achord, Emma is an Account Director for BU’s student-run PR firm, Unleashed Public Relations, and a public relations manager for Off the Cuff Magazine. A few of Emma’s favorite things are cheesecake, French bulldog puppies, eggs benedict, HBO, rompers, cheesecake, and cheesecake (did I mention she likes cheesecake?). Emma loves being a member of In Achord because she thinks the group embraces weirdness. She sure is right about that!

Name: Emma Reese

Hometown: Marin County, CA

Major/School: Public Relations/COM

Year: 2015/Senior

Voice Part: Mezzo

Other interests: BUPRSSA, Off the Cuff Magazine, UnleashedPR, and avid partygoer

What you love most about In Achord: I love that In Achord brings such a diverse group of people together. I never would have met any of these weirdos I now call my second family if it wasn’t for In Achord.

Guilty Pleasure Song: Wiggle by Jason Derulo

Spirit Animal: Snoop Dogg

If you were a dessert, what would you be and why: CHEEEEEESECAKE. That is all.


Kaye is a mermaid

Say hello to In Achord’s very own jack-of-all-trades, Adrian Tanner! Adrian can do amazing things with his mouth (am I allowed to say that?), I mean have you heard him perc our version of Lady Gaga’s “Gypsy”? If you haven’t, I highly recommend searching that ish on YouTube immediately. Anyway, not only is Adrian amazing with his mouth, he is also equally as amazing with his hands! Adrian can build you anything your heart desires. Go visit him in the Tinker Lab and see what this handyman is capable of, we promise he will not disappoint!

Name: Adrian Tanner

Hometown: Lexington, MA

Major/School: Mechanical Engineering/ENG

Year: 2015/Senior

Voice Part: Baritone/Perc

Other interests: Electric vehicles, making sandwiches

What you love most about In Achord: Perc-ing a song and adding in a new sound I just learned

Guilty Pleasure Song: I Kissed a Girl (Katy Perry)

Spirit Animal: Beaver, nature’s engineer

If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be and why: Blender because smoothies


Fearless Noble Steed

Say hello to Rachel Wein! Rachel is our fearless Music Director and trusted noble steed. Rachel also has the best dimples in the whole world. That’s a fact. I mean like…look at those dimples. Still not over it. Rachel is from the good ol’ Midwest and swears she doesn’t have a Chic-ahhh-go accent. You can be the judge of that one. Either way, we love Rachel and you should too!

Name: Rachel Wein

Hometown: Highland Park, IL

Major/School: Sociology/CAS

Year: 2016/Junior

Voice Part: Mezzo

Other interests: AEPhi, BU on Broadway, Stage Troupe, and outdoor activities

What was your college essay about: I wrote my college essay about my obsession with large, comfy sweatshirts (yes, I’m being serious.) And then I got in early decision. BOOM.

Favorite experience with In Achord: Definitely performing at the ICCA! The whole experience was surreal and it was so rewarding to see all of our hard work pay off. Singing the National Anthem at Fenway is a very close second though.

Go-to froyo toppings: Butterfingers, raspberries, chocolate chips


Becca is Everything

In high school Becca was voted most likely to be seen climbing a tree while playing her ukulele. Just kidding, although it wouldn’t surprise In Achord in the slightest. Other than the kookiness (yes, kookiness) that Becca brings to this group, she always brings a sense of determination, and constantly strives for the best. As one of our arrangers, Becca does everything in her power to help the group feel completely comfortable with each of their parts in the songs. Becca possesses the passion necessary to take chances and work incredibly hard to create challenging arrangements. She is also a killer soloist, as she did an exceptional job singing “Gypsy” by Lady Gaga in our recent ICCA set. Check out more about Becca and all that she loves below!

Name: Rebecca Worsham

Hometown: Berlin, CT

Major/School: Psychology with a minor in Music / CAS

Year: 2016/ Junior

Voice Part: Soprano

Other interests: Swing, blues, and salsa dance, tae kwon do, violin teaching/playing, playing the ukulele, and biking

Guilty please song: “Runaround Sue”

Spirit Animal: Chipmunk because I’m small, I’m energetic, and if I could keep full meals in my mouth for later, I totally would.

What you love most about In Achord: It helps me overcome my fears and be the person I want to be. <3


Invader Yim

Meet Greg Yim! Greg has recently gained fame within the BU community for his amazing solo in In Achord’s “What Dreams Are Made Of.” YES, it is from the Lizzie McGuire movie, and YES, it will rock your socks off. Greg is also your go-to guy if you ever want to obsess about Bruno Mars or Kelly Clarkson #fangirl. Not yet convinced that Gregory Yim is the most awesome person on the planet?! Read on!

Name: Gregory Yim

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Major/School: Human Physiology/SAR

Year: 2015/Senior

Voice Part: Baritone

Other interests: ice skating, swimming, playing videogames, eating sushi

What do you love most about In Achord: In Achord is my family at BU. I love that there are so many awesome people I met through In Achord whom I would have never encountered otherwise.

Guilty Pleasure Song: Clarity by Zedd

Weirdest experience: I have experienced sleep paralysis when waking up 3 times in my life!